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21st May
Federal budget breakdown – what it means for investors

If I had to summarise the budget in a word it would be it was ‘OK’. It didn’t even warrant a mention on a WhatsApp group full of economists, technologists, …

14th May
Exploring Brisbane’s booming property market

Over the past few years, Brisbane has emerged as an investor’s dream. From critically low vacancy rates to high rental yields, massive infrastructure spending, and a property market soaring to …

7th May
Lessons from my mate Ruben and why the RBA didn’t raise rates today

I’ve been told, ‘You’re not a normal person,’ more times in the three and a half years I’ve been at Blue Wealth than I have been in the rest of …

30th Apr
Headlines Screaming Market Doom? Here’s Why You Should Ignore Them

With all the negative talk recently about the possibility of a delayed interest rate cut and renters hitting an affordability ceiling, you could be forgiven for thinking that the property …

23rd Apr
Bite-Sized Basics: What is Wall Street?

Often depicted in movies as the pinnacle of the financial world and constantly popping up in our weekly news broadcasts, Wall Street symbolizes financial power and influence, but what exactly …

16th Apr
How property is your life raft from the rat race

If you ever want to see what corporate slavery looks like, scroll through LinkedIn and look at the stuff people post: It’s a ridiculous bit of theatre where they know …

9th Apr
The best performing investors are ones who are dead

Yes, you read that correctly. Fidelity, one of the biggest asset managers in the world, performed a study on their best-performing client brokerage accounts. Over a 10-year period, they found …

2nd Apr
Homeownership will become a pipedream for many Australians after this cycle.

One of the perennial favourites of the mainstream media each cycle is an article about the death of ‘The Great Australian Dream’, and I must admit, I’m a sucker for …

26th Mar
Lottery millionaire, a nightmare come true.

Dictionary definition: lottery noun Winning the jackpot in lotto might seem like a stroke of luck, but have you considered the post-lottery experience? You allegedly have a 1 in 77 …

19th Mar
Perth – is it too late?

If I had a gun to my head and were forced to pick the top performer for the remainder of this cycle, I’d probably go with Perth. When I began …

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