Lottery millionaire, a nightmare come true.

Dictionary definition: lottery


  • a means of raising money by selling numbered tickets and giving prizes to the holders of numbers drawn at random.
  • a situation whose success or outcome is governed by chance.

Winning the jackpot in lotto might seem like a stroke of luck, but have you considered the post-lottery experience?

You allegedly have a 1 in 77 million chance of winning over $ 1 million on Australian Powerball. Remembering the basics of what it is, it’s gambling. Designed to raise money for the organiser and as long as there have been lottery winners, there are lottery losers.

For years and years, former big-time winners have been sharing insights on how they not only lost all the money but also ended up losing companions and friends and attracted unwanted attention along the way.

A dream comes true.

Lottery millionaires often lose their newfound wealth quickly due to a lack of financial education. While winning the lottery seems like a dream come true, the sudden influx of money can be overwhelming and lead to impulsive decisions. Without a proper understanding of managing their finances, these individuals often fall into common traps that erode their wealth rapidly.

Many big-time lottery winners go on wild spending sprees, making extravagant purchases without considering the long-term consequences. They buy expensive cars, and luxury homes and indulge in lavish holidays. It seems innocent at the start, but this reckless spending can drain their funds rapidly, leaving them with little to invest or save for the future. They often overlook the importance of budgeting and financial planning, which are essential for building and preserving wealth.

On-the-job learning.

Imagine trying to manage millions of dollars without a clue about budgeting or taxes. Sadly, this lack of financial literacy leaves the door open for unscrupulous individuals to approach them with promises of lucrative business opportunities, exploiting their naivety for personal gain.

Many lottery winners come from modest backgrounds and commonly have no experience dealing with substantial sums of money. Without understanding the fundamentals of how wealth is built, there is an absence of a financial safety net. This then leads to financial mismanagement later. In many cases, it sadly leaves them vulnerable to unforeseen expenses such as taxes, and when the taxman comes knocking, this leaves them scratching their heads.

Keeping up with the Joneses.

Another crucial factor contributing to their eventual financial downfall is the lack of guidance from trusted and qualified financial advisors. Lottery winners are often inundated with requests for financial assistance from friends and family, making it challenging to make rational decisions. Without proper guidance, they may struggle to navigate complex financial instruments, tax planning, and investment strategies.

The allure of the “rich and famous” lifestyle can be so seductive. Our big-time Lottery winners may be surrounded by people seeking to exploit their wealth or indulge in excessive and unsustainable spending patterns. The pressure to maintain appearances, as we say, “keeping up with the Joneses” and fit into a new social circle can lead quickly to financial ruin.

Knowledge is Power.

Lottery millionaires losing their fortunes quickly is common due to their lack of financial education. The absence of financial know-how leads to impulsive spending, susceptibility to scams, poor investments, and an inability to plan for the future. Building and maintaining wealth requires an understanding of financial management, and without it, the dream of long-term financial freedom can quickly turn into a nightmare of debt and regret.

But who are we kidding? Winning the lotto would be great. Spend wisely, have a plan, and as I always say, Knowledge is Power.


Knowledge is Power

Owun is the Senior Education Specialist at the Blue Wealth Property Academy and hosts The Clever Investor podcast. He has worked in finance and property for well over 20 years and is known for being able to explain the complex world of wealth creation easily.

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