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This is the definitive podcast for Australian investors. Join Blue Wealth’s Senior Education Specialist, Owun Taylor in conversation with industry experts, leaders, and thinkers about what it takes to be a clever and more successful investor.

A weekly podcast serving up the easiest-to-understand finance program. Delivered in bite-sized chunks, meaning no episode is ever more than 20 minutes.

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15th Sep
Podcast Episode: Cars vs Property, understanding depreciation

You would have heard the word depreciation, but what does it mean? It’s a slow change in value that happens to things over time. Depreciation affects both cars and property, …

4th Sep
Podcast Episode: Henry Ford’s Insightful Quote, Thinking Beyond the Obvious.

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” Henry Ford 1863-1947 Founder Ford Motor Company Henry Ford is a pioneer of the automobile industry, …

4th Sep
Podcast Episode: Hey there, fellow procrastinators

On this weeks show we have a blunt chat about how putting things off can totally mess with our quest for wealth. Procrastination comes to visit all of us from …

11th Aug
Podcast Episode: The psychology of investing with Dr Tony Hayek

The psychology of investing with Dr Tony Hayek “The investor’s chief problem and even his worst enemy – is likely to be himself.” Benjamin Graham was a British-born American economist, …

4th Aug
Podcast Episode: Stay Prepared, Tax Office Audits Target Investors

Tax time always fun and while property investors are often happy with the potential tax credits they can get, it’s becoming a horror show for accountants with the increasing workload. …

27th Jul
Podcast Episode: 8 Ways to improve your borrowing power

Borrowing power refers to the amount of money a lender is willing to lend you for various purposes, it can be anything from buying an investment property, a home, a …

24th Jul
Podcast Episode: Meet Michele Bullock our new Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia

In a momentous announcement, the Australian federal government has officially confirmed the appointment of Michele Bullock as the new Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA). Scheduled to take office …

14th Jul
Podcast Episode: Once upon a time…a short story about investing time into yourself

Once upon a time in the bustling city of Prosperis, there lived a young and ambitious woman named Lily. Lily worked diligently at ‘Big City Corporation’, where she dedicated long …

30th Jun
Podcast Episode: First Home Owners Grants, Schemes, Problems & Issues.

We all remember our first time… The First Home Buyer Assistance Scheme is a government initiative in New South Wales, Australia, that provides financial support to eligible first-time homebuyers. It …

20th Jun
Podcast Episode: The 14 sexiest budgeting tips

Ok, I admit to catching your eye with ‘sexy’ in the title and for most of you (with the exception to maybe accountants) the thought of trying to start a …

20th Jun
Podcast Episode: Property vs Shares: Let the battle begin Part 1

Should you be investing in property or shares?  It’s a question that many grapple with and sadly many put it in the too-hard basket and never do anything. We put …

20th Jun
Podcast Episode: Lenders Mortgage Insurance is a BFF, Not a Big F Monster

There are certain things that are supposed to terrify us, things that go bump in the night, vampires in castles, clowns hiding in storm-water drains. But Lenders Mortgage Insurance is …

16th Jun
Podcast Episode: Problems and solutions to avoiding retirement shortfalls

After Japan and Switzerland, Australia has the third highest life expectancy in the world with the national average of 82. This is only part of a big and growing problem …

16th Jun
Podcast Episode: Bite-sized basics: Helping your kids into the property market – what you need to know

Helping your kids into the property market – a easy listing guide to what you need to know I talk to so many young adults that feel that in today’s …

16th Jun
Podcast Episode: Bite-sized basics: The difference between Interest-Only and Principal & Interest.

When we are buying a property, we inevitable need to choose a mortgage and we are faced with so many different features. But the most common question you’ll be asked …

16th Jun
Podcast Episode: Act like a King because it’s the best way to grow your wealth…..for thousands of years.

King Charles III has inherited his mother’s wealth worth a combined £17billion. The vast majority of this wealth has been passed down over nearly 1000 years rather than being created …

16th Jun
Podcast Episode: When is it time to fire your slack-ass property manager?

A property manager is a professional who manages real estate properties on behalf of you, the owner. Their role is ensuring the property is well-maintained and generating income through rental …

16th Jun
Podcast Episode: Should you get emotional about your investment property?

I have been teaching adults how to do grown up things for over 29 years and whenever its around investing in property I tell them not to get emotional abut …

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