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This is the definitive podcast for Australian investors. Join Blue Wealth’s Senior Education Specialist, Owun Taylor in conversation with industry experts, leaders, and thinkers about what it takes to be a clever and more successful investor.

A weekly podcast serving up the easiest-to-understand finance program. Delivered in bite-sized chunks, meaning no episode is ever more than 20 minutes.

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19th Jan
Podcast Episode 105: Unmasking Financial Scams, The Intricate Web of Deception

Ever wonder why despite warnings and cautionary tales, people still fall for financial scams? Imagine a world where everyone is honest and trustworthy. While that’s a nice thought, the reality …

12th Jan
Podcast Episode 104: What has Jerry Seinfeld got to do with your New Year Resolutions?

Another new year has started, and with it, the common question of ‘what is your New Year’s Resolution?’ Is the whole concept worthwhile? People set New Year’s resolutions as a …

9th Jan
Podcast Episode 103: Multitasking is a Sham, but Building Wealth Requires Focus.

Lets get you ready for a great 2024 because life is all a bit too fast-paced at times and the idea of multitasking has been hailed as a coveted skill, …

9th Jan
Podcast Episode 102: Our 20 Essential Books for Motivation, Personal Growth and Wealth Building.

In preparation for that no-man’s land between Christmas day and New Years when you pleasantly forget what day it is and might just become a little bored. I walked around …

9th Jan
Podcast Episode 101: A Christmas Carol, the Investor Edition.

Once upon a time in the sprawling city of Cashington, there lived a gentleman named Hugh Mann, an uneducated property investor whose ambitions rivalled the grandeur of the city itself. …

9th Jan
Podcast Episode 100: The 3 biggest mistakes Gen Z can avoid.

Stuck in this predicament? When first-time property buyers make mistakes, they are financial and strategic decisions. This week with the assistance of our special guest Diya Dhadda, Social Media Manager …

19th Dec
Podcast Episode: Sell or Hold – what you need to know before you do anything

Stuck in this predicament? Here is a super special show that was a Pop-up webinar event, so we are pushing past the normal bite-sized show and filling you with a …

19th Dec
Podcast Episode: Ordering Takeaway, The Hidden Impact on Your Investment Plans

In this world where currently live, convenience reigns supreme, the extreme ease of ordering takeaway food has become a go-to solution for many. While it satisfies cravings and offers a …

19th Dec
Podcast Episode: Prices cool quicker than anticipated, as the economy takes a chill pill

Australia’s inflation, how prices for things go up, slowed down a lot in October. People didn’t spend as much money, so it’s less likely the Reserve Bank will increase interest …

19th Dec
Podcast Episode: The Pathway from Athlete to Creating Wealth

In the world of sports and finance, the journey from being a high-level professional athlete to using the skills learned to create wealth is a fascinating paradigm. The desire to …

19th Dec
Podcast Episode: 5 Financially Savvy ways to Prepare for Christmas

Dictionary definition: lottery ~ noun Christmas is a time of joy and celebration, but for many it can also be a financial challenge if you’re not well-prepared. To ensure your holiday …

19th Dec
Podcast Episode: Lottery millionaire, a nightmare come true.

Dictionary definition: lottery ~ noun Winning the jackpot in lotto might seem like a stroke of luck, but have you considered the post-lottery experience? You allegedly have a 1 in 77 …

15th Dec
Podcast Episode: The simple truth about your Superannuation

Superannuation was introduced to Australia in 1992 through the Superannuation Guarantee (SG) system. This landmark reform mandated that employers contribute a percentage of their employees’ earnings to a dedicated retirement …

15th Dec
Podcast Episode: You can get 90% loans for SMSF property

Over ten years ago, when SMSF property lending started, the highest loan you could get was $500,000. Back then, house prices were lower, and this type of lending was new. …

15th Dec
Podcast Episode: Adapting Your Financial Goals

Just like a football team adjusts its game plan throughout the season to achieve victory, it’s essential to understand the importance of changing your personal financial goals over time. Just …

15th Dec
Podcast Episode: Buy Now or Wait and Save ?

Buy now or wait and save? Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) has been a big help in letting people who want to own a property get started with less money for …

15th Dec
Podcast Episode: Unravelling Super, Is it Designed to Baffle ?

Prepare to decode the enigma of superannuation with our latest podcast show, as we go Unravelling the the Mystery and find out the answer to the question, Is it Designed …

15th Dec
Podcast Episode: Gen Z – Simple steps to buying a property

Gen Z, refers to the generation of people born between 1997 to 2012. This means, the oldest Gen Zs would be 26 years old, and the youngest would be 11 …

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