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Our Research Team analyse the property market, historical trends, effects of the economy and industry insights to bring you a weekly blog.

23rd Apr
Bite-Sized Basics: What is Wall Street?
9th Apr
The best performing investors are ones who are dead
16th Jan
Bull and Bear markets: The wild world of the market animals explained
9th Jan
The best New Year’s Resolution you’ll make
19th Dec
From Cubby Houses to Crushing the Market: Investing Lessons from a 7-Year-Old and the Hero’s Journey
5th Dec
House prices stalling, but this is money making on easy mode
27th Nov
5 Savvy Ways to Financially Prepare for a fabulous Christmas Day
17th Jul
Bite-sized basics: What is GDP, and how to explain it to friends and walk away looking like an economics genius?
23rd Jan
Bite-sized basics: Top 5 sexiest insurances to help protect you
19th Dec
Final words from us for 2022
9th Jan
Welcome back everyone!
13th Dec
Rent control – it’s a hell no from me!
22nd Nov
How riding a motorbike will make you a better investor
15th Nov
The real struggle to save a deposit
8th Nov
CPI – the most misunderstood metric in economics
1st Nov
Getting out of our own way – the psychology of investing

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