Category: Negative Gearing

Our Research Team analyse the property market, historical trends, effects of the economy and industry insights to bring you a weekly blog.

2nd Jul
Can property outpace incomes forever? And what Stage 3 Tax Cuts mean for you
25th Jun
The most asked question in money: “is property a good investment?”
21st May
Federal budget breakdown – what it means for investors.
16th Apr
How property is your life raft from the rat race
19th Mar
Perth – is it too late?
12th Dec
“Pessimists sound smart, optimists make money”
5th Dec
House prices stalling, but this is money making on easy mode
21st Nov
Queensland doubles the FHOG to $30,000
7th Nov
A Bullock trumps the horse race
11th Sep
Bite-Sized Basics: Understanding Depreciation Cars v Property
5th Sep
“Deep in negative territory”: One in four NSW businesses expect to cut staff
7th Aug
Victoria, The Place To Be – Apparently not
10th Jul
When is the right time to invest in property?
4th Jul
Did we just see the peak of the rate cycle?
26th Jun
ATO Crackdown on Rental Property Owners: Are You at Risk?
19th Jun
Investment Property: Still a smart move, even with rising interest rates?

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