Podcast Episode: You can get 90% loans for SMSF property

Over ten years ago, when SMSF property lending started, the highest loan you could get was $500,000.

Back then, house prices were lower, and this type of lending was new. But now, SMSFs are the second biggest superannuation asset class in Australia.
We got Strachan Taylor from Helia back on this weeks show, because Helia thinks that SMSF property lending has grown up and done well, so it’s time to increase the most you can borrow.

Now, they’re making it easier for SMSFs to get more money by increasing the loan-to-value ratio (LVR) to 90%. Most SMSF property loans require you to pay back the interest and principal (P & I) over 20 years or more. 
SMSF property loans have done really well.

This great news lines up perfectly with Blue Wealth Property’s “Buying a Property With Your Super”

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