Category: The Research Insights

Our Research Team analyse the property market, historical trends, effects of the economy and industry insights to bring you a weekly blog.

14th May
Exploring Brisbane’s booming property market
30th Apr
Headlines Screaming Market Doom? Here’s Why You Should Ignore Them
16th Apr
How property is your life raft from the rat race
9th Apr
The best performing investors are ones who are dead
2nd Apr
Homeownership will become a pipedream for many Australians after this cycle.
19th Mar
Perth – is it too late?
26th Mar
Lottery millionaire, a nightmare come true.
12th Mar
We’re in a recession.
5th Mar
Comprehensive Analysis: How public transport boosts property values
27th Feb
40% of Australians retiring with mortgage debt and rising
20th Feb
Taylor Swift’s Inflation effect
13th Feb
2024 Property Outlook
30th Jan
Navigating Affordability, Market Trends and the Rise of Apartment Living
9th Jan
The best New Year’s Resolution you’ll make
12th Dec
“Pessimists sound smart, optimists make money”
19th Dec
From Cubby Houses to Crushing the Market: Investing Lessons from a 7-Year-Old and the Hero’s Journey

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