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Our Research Team analyse the property market, historical trends, effects of the economy and industry insights to bring you a weekly blog.

27th Nov
5 Savvy Ways to Financially Prepare for a fabulous Christmas Day
21st Nov
Queensland doubles the FHOG to $30,000
14th Nov
How inflation is making us poorer
7th Nov
A Bullock trumps the horse race
31st Oct
Inflation comes in higher than expected – will we get one more rate rise?
24th Oct
Unlocking Success: How to build your own power team for profitable property Investing
17th Oct
What’s happening between Israel and Hamas, and will it affect Australian property prices?
10th Oct
Why is everyone talking about property in super?
3rd Oct
“The Long Game of Property Investment: Time in the Market”
26th Sep
Bite-Sized Basics: The Australian Bureau of Statistics, a go-to source for facts and figures
19th Sep
The highest rate of immigration intake in Australian history – where are they going?
11th Sep
Bite-Sized Basics: Understanding Depreciation Cars v Property
28th Aug
New Home Bonus: Is It a Smokescreen or a Serious Attempt to Fix the Housing Market?
5th Sep
“Deep in negative territory”: One in four NSW businesses expect to cut staff
21st Aug
Bite-Sized Basics: Hey there, fellow procrastinators!
14th Aug
The Skyscraper Index: a prediction for the next recession?

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