Where is the world’s most liveable suburb?

When it comes to attractive cities, Melbourne possesses undeniable charm. A thriving economy, an exciting sporting scene and vibrant communal culture are just some of the factors that attract thousands of new residents to the Victorian capital every year. It’s no wonder that the city has topped The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) global liveability index for the last 7 years running. The EIU is a research and analysis division and a world leader in global business intelligence. Their yearly index ranks 140 of the top global city’s around the world, measuring them in accordance to their stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education, and infrastructure.


Melburnians have held the global bragging rights since 2010, with it’s relatively affordable housing market being a major driver for the higher ranking. A comparative market in Sydney, has seen real estate prices continually put the city out of reach for hopeful residents locally and internationally, impacting significantly on the liveability standard compared to other global cities. Australian capitals historically, have sat high on the leader board – upholding our persona as the lucky country. Over 2017, Adelaide was ranked 5th most liveable in the world, with Perth and Sydney 8th and 11th respectively.


But with Melbourne retaining top spot for so long, interest groups have made it their job to find the most liveable suburb within the city. In attempt to identify the world’s most liveable suburb.

So, where is the world’s most liveable suburb?


Ironically, it is yet to be built. Nestled in the inner northeast, Yarra Bend has been ear marked as the most liveable suburb of the future by world leading trend consultants and forecasters – The Future Laboratory. The proposed suburb is located 6 kilometres from Melbourne CBD, between the affluent old money districts of Alphington, Ivanhoe and Kew.


The digitally driven suburb has been tipped to be at the forefront of new age Melbournian living. trend experts identified the potential of Yarra Bend using a Future Liveable City Index that measures quality of life through metrics including; clean energy, technological advancement; active green spaces; wellbeing indicators; cultural districts; sustainability and co-working spaces.


The suburb includes features unseen in the classic Australian suburb. Yarra Bend has been developed around the inception of a completely inclusive community that promotes six community pillars:

  • Technology – Yarra Bend will include high speed smart powered internet for each resident, while an exclusive Yarra Bend Resident App will connect residents to a variety of amenities and information within the suburb including public transport timetables, home delivery and social events.
  • Health and wellness – Cycle trails, running tracks, outdoor swimming pools to the meticulously crafted onsen and internal parks will be available in the suburb just 6 kilometres from the Melbourne CBD. This also includes Yarra Bend’s own state-of-the-art health and wellness centre.
  • Gastronomy – The suburb has it’s own cosmopolitan hospitality sector with a spacious 2,000m² of open public space and an al fresco dining scene.
  • Art and Design – Regular events such as summer festival and outdoor film nights will bring residents together, with buildings designed by international artists and vibrant street art bringing open spaces to life.
  • Sustainability – Each precinct within the new suburb will achieve the highest possible ESD rating under the UDIA EnviroDevelopment scheme, a first for an infill development site in Melbourne.
  • Knowledge – Located within the zone of the highest regarded schools and universities in the country, and with a proposed brand new primary school, Yarra Bend will also be a place for children to study close to home, and for adults to practice in their specified fields.


Yarra Bend is a is an exciting societal prospect; town planning elements and infrastructural creativeness will likely aid the region to create accelerated property demand over the long term. Melbourne’s tech-centric population, and the inner north’s young professional demographic will hold these inherent features in high demand as they come to fruition. at Blue Wealth, it is opportunities like this that we aim to present to our clients, in order to keep your investment portfolio on the front foot of a changing investment landscape.

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