The Perspective for 2016

Happy New Year!  Before we know it, our Christmas and New Year’s break is over. Back to your favourite weekly blog, where we  begin to look forward to the year ahead.

Today’s blog will give you a brief outlook as to where Blue Wealth’s focus will be in the new year.

As you all know the property markets are constantly  moving in accordance with changes in population demographics, supply and demand and fluctuating economic conditions. With movements to markets on the property clock, Blue Wealth’s priorities must change and in 2016 Blue Wealth plans to delve further into the Melbourne market. In Melbourne, gentrification and urban planning dominate the inner city suburbs. The strong growth on a macro scale is always highlighted in the media although there are still areas which represent great value, our aim for 2016 will be to identify and capitalise on these areas.

Brisbane last peaked eight years ago and the data indicates that it may not be long before Brisbane shines again. Price growth is steadily climbing and rental yields are greater than those found in comparable cities.

As we begin 2016, the recent media talk of property bubbles and market crashes is expected to continue, it is important to remember that property is the least risky asset class. The graph below presents the performance of shares, bonds and property over the last 30 years.

Property evidently the most consistent performer. For a typical ‘mum and dad’ Blue Wealth client we understand the importance of finding a more stable investment.

Don’t get me wrong, investing in property always inhibits certain risk factors, although Blue Wealth’s research methodology’s purpose is to mitigate these risks in order to find the best investment opportunities for our clients. Risk aversion can also be achieved through diversification, diversifying between properties in different markets is vital and always encouraged by the Blue Wealth Investment Specialists. As the saying goes, ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket’.

The Blue Wealth team is excited for the year ahead and we hope you are too.

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