Could It Really Be?

On October 7th the ‘Sydney Morning Herald’ released an article preaching that ‘if you wanted to become an investor, you need to stop reading the media headlines’. An ironic headline from one of Australia’s leading media outlets who in the past few months have published the below articles:

Sept 26th 2018 – Australian property prices facing ‘longest downturn in decades’, says UBS

Aug 1st 2018 – House prices fall by fastest rate in six years

Jul 20th 2018 – Is the bottom about to fall out of our $6.9 trillion property market?  

I’m sure you can now understand my disbelief in the most recent article which encourages investors to ignore the noise and be courageous in their decision making. It’s in line with the message that we portray to both our valued clients and business partners. The property market is constantly surrounded by noise and it’s no different to what has occurred at the peak of previous cycles and it’s no different to what we will hear in the years to come. The same risks and unlikely declines regurgitated by the media to strike fear in those in and around the market.

What their most recent article does, aside from restoring some sort of confidence is portray the inconsistent message which is delivered by the media. This inconsistency is the primary reason as to why we encourage our clients to be dictated by research and education rather than media sentiment.

Anyway, before I get carried away, I must give credit where it’s due. The recent article brings a level of perspective to the market and also promotes getting educated and setting a plan to get yourself in a position to invest.

Here are the key points from the article which align with what our message has been to our clients:

  • The fact is the Australian property market is diverse and segmented. It cannot be grouped into one, our market is split into many different markets all at varying stages of their respective property cycles. Don’t let the correction of some markets, scare you aware from identifying opportunities and investing in your future.
  • Quite often, if you’re reading about it, it’s too late. The positive headlines which generally appear in the midst of a property boom lure inexperienced buyers who end up paying for someone else’s gain rather than purchasing at an opportunity.
  • Work out what you can afford and do your research. This is key to buying well which in turn can be critical to gaining the strongest potential capital gain

If you’re going to take anything away from this article, let it be this: So, if you are serious about investing in property, stop reading the headlines and set yourself a specific plan. The first task is to find out exactly what you could afford, which means talking to a lender or mortgage broker, and laying all your cards on the table.’

Click here if you’d like to access the full article.

The next step is to access information and get educated; we pride ourselves on the research which we conduct to provide to our clients the best investment property opportunities in the country.

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