Blue Wealth’s Rejection Rate

Selecting an investment property can be a confusing process for the everyday Australian. There are a number of features that have to be weighed up before you take the plunge and lock in a purchase. You may be left asking, where should I buy? Should I choose house and land or apartments? is this price too high? All of which can mean the difference between a good and bad investment.

Blue Wealth’s research model takes into account the strength of macroeconomic drivers upfront to pinpoint the best property markets to invest in, while our project analysis takes a micro approach to answer all of these previous questions for you. Our selection process allows us to highlight the strongest opportunities for our clients and rule out properties that represent weaker prospect. We assess the location of a project, design, pricing comparisons and factors that aid in creating a point of difference for our clients.

Over 2018, Blue Wealth’s rejection rate was 93.7%, meaning that just over 6% of residential projects were approved for our clients to invest in. Out of a possible 143 projects that had been analysed in our approved markets, only 9 stood the test of our selection criteria. From our approved projects, we only select the strongest properties according to design, size, layout, aspect, pricing. This process gives our clients the opportunity to locate the most appealing purchase, in the best projects, throughout markets that represent an opportunity for growth.

While this highlights the stringency of our selection process, it also shows the high volume of properties currently selling on the market which aren’t worth your time or money. There has never been more choice of property to invest in than right now. A combination of increased development and the utilisation of the internet as a marketing medium has made it progressively easier for buyers to find and purchase property. Whether it be cross state, interstate or even internationally there is property being marketed to buyers that represent bad buying. As a consequence, we remain committed to identifying the strongest opportunities that suit your capacity to invest.

Choosing an investment without the expert knowledge needed to navigate the market, is the equivalent to taking a stab in the dark in today’s residential landscape. Various macro and micro factors must be taken into account before you make your decision because ultimately these factors govern your outcome as an investor. So, before you make your next decision it is pivotal you allow yourself access to the best opportunities in the country and let research guide your decision.

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