Long time friends of the business

Joe and Christine's Story

Joe and Christine have been friends with our CEO for more than 20 years. They have bought many properties over years (not through Blue Wealth), and finally after all this time decided to buy a property with us.

9th May
Property: Hampton Quarter

The Research:  Success: 

Pricing increased by 17%, providing Blue Wealth clients growth before they even settle.

Hampton Quarter
Hampton, VIC
20th Jun
Paul and Alice’s Story

Paul and Alice are locals to Hampton and downsizing their 5 bedroom home to live in their Blue Wealth purchase. They also bought another unit in the same building as an investment!

Paul and Alice
Living in their investment
20th Jun
Linda’s Story

Linda is actually one of the trusted Solicitors we refer our clients to. It’s always good when we invest in our own recommendations, and even better when the extended Blue Wealth team invest as well.

Extended Blue Wealth family
20th Jun
Janine and Andrew’s Story

Referred by a friend and after seeing our Blue Wealth name around their local footy club. Janine and Andrew bought their first investment with us.

Janine and Andrew
Referred by a Friend
20th Jun
Lee’s Story

Lee is one of our long term clients and loved heading to the site of his latest investment. Buying off the plan can be a long process, so we try to ensure our clients get the chance to see the research come to life.

Long Term Client
26th Jun
Mike and Laura’s Rentvesting Story

Mike and Laura came to Blue Wealth through their mortgage broker. They originally didn’t know if they wanted to buy their own home or rent, but after seeing the research they started on their journey towards rentvesting.

Mike and Laura
Rentvesting portfolio builders
5th Sep
Clare’s Story

Clare has been referring her clients to us for a number of years now. She is a Mortgage Broker who has also bought three investment properties with us with the intention of buying many more.

Referring clients and buying her own properties
5th Sep
Dave’s Story

Dave is a builder himself in Sydney and was recently blown away by the quality and the style of his recent purchase in QLD. He has purchased multiple properties with Blue Wealth, and loves the research our team has provided over the years.

Seven Investment Properties with Blue Wealth
14th Sep
Vic and Maria’s Story

Vic and Maria have been Blue Wealth clients for years now and have bought a few properties with us. They love that our team does all the hard work to take the risk out of investing in property.

Vic and Maria
Reducing risk with Blue Wealth’s research