Podcast Episode: The 14 sexiest budgeting tips

Ok, I admit to catching your eye with ‘sexy’ in the title and for most of you (with the exception to maybe accountants) the thought of trying to start a budget is a million miles away from ever being sexy.

But if you are struggling to make ends meet or want to one day buy that home or investment, you need to stop wasting time, wasting money and consider that a budget is a tool to help you get the job done.

You’ll eventually find this very arousing. 

We talk about goal setting and here’s the effective way to do it using S.M.A.R.T.

  • Specific, make them defined not vague.
  • Measurable, add a time of financial value.
  • Actionable, you must be really capable of being able to achieve your financial goals.
  • Realistic, make them challenging but make them achievable. 
  • Timetabled, put a fine time line or deadline on them, progressive milestones dates a great to use.

Evaluate your progress, celebrate you wins, learn from your mistakes, don’t ever give up.

Let us know how you are going.

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