Podcast Episode: Act like a King because it’s the best way to grow your wealth…..for thousands of years.

King Charles III has inherited his mother’s wealth worth a combined £17billion.

The vast majority of this wealth has been passed down over nearly 1000 years rather than being created by the current generation.

It consists almost entirely of centuries-long ownership of land and property across the country and even the seabed around the British Isles. With the ownership dating back to at least 1066 during the Norman conquest of Britain.

The accumulation of land as a form of generational wealth has also been reflected in pop culture with shows such as Yellowstone.

At its core, Yellowstone is really about a land battle. It’s a western set in the modern day about a 150-year-old ranching dynasty in Montana with the Patriarch John Dutton fighting to retain control of one of the largest ranches in America.

The ranch is land passed down from six generations of Dutton’s but is now sought after by developers and the neighboring Native Americans wanting to settle a historical score.

Tune into this show and as we have a look at other assets as a store of generational wealth and you’ll find out what Fiat currency is…..and no its not rusty Italian cars.

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