Bursting the Myth of an Australian Housing Bubble

We're constantly reminded by the sensationalist media outlets of the risk of a bursting of the Australian housing bubble. In actual fact, Australia’s housing market is exceptionally resilient and the risk of this is highly unlikely. Strong population growth is the foundation of property demand and along with many other factors this is keeping us in good stead for the future. In this eBook we'll take a look at the key contributing factors to the Australian housing market and the highly unlikely events which would need to occur concurrently for there to be a real risk of a housing bubble.

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Some of what you will learn in the eBook:

  • The historic performance and stability of Australia’s market
  • The key contributors to house prices?
  • How a property cycle works?
  • Australia’s position in a global context
  • What could create a housing bubble?
  • And much more…

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