From Blockhead to Property Investor

As a kid, I was fascinated by the world of real estate. While my friends were taken to the footy by their parents, I would drag mine to open homes. The most memorable one of all was the 2013 TV show The Block Open for Inspections in Bondi, and yes, that’s a flex to all of you Blockheads out there. I even got to meet Scotty Cam! Don’t believe me? I have photo evidence; however, on reflection, I am happy to keep the photos of me wearing The Block t-shirt and matching cap under lock and key!

I know what you’re thinking: this kid was not cool in school. But it led me right here. My interest in real estate meant I shared a common goal with many people… I wanted to buy my own property. Even though I had big goals, I never thought that at 23 years old, I would be the owner of two investment properties.

I grew up on Sydney’s Upper North Shore and lived in what my dad was proud to call the worst house on the best street. Although, at times, this was the catalyst for some interesting stories, Dad always said we were sitting on a goldmine. He was right. In 2017, my parents and some of our neighbors sold to a developer, which set up my parents’ retirement. And as parents always pass on the wisdom of what worked for them, Dad encouraged my siblings and I to buy property.

But I knew Dad’s approach to property investing would not work for me. It’s impossible now to buy a house for $93k, have the mortgage paid off by 23, sit back and rake in the capital growth until retirement, and then cash in. I had to do it differently.

Buying a property felt out of reach in today’s competitive market. I once saw a meme where someone my age shared a photo of a 2-year-old with the caption, “This is me relaxing when I should have been saving for a house.” It was funny, but it struck a chord with young people’s challenges in the housing market. Despite my seven years in real estate, this sentiment confirmed homeownership was impossible. Each time I felt ready, rising living costs or interest rates dashed my hopes. I waited for stability, but new obstacles emerged daily, leaving me feeling burnt out.  

In 2022, I thought enough was enough and knew now was the time to act. I remember the day I had this realization. I saw the postman dropping off some mail. I checked the letterbox and pulled out a pamphlet saying, “Stop thinking about it, and just do it.” I don’t usually believe in signs, but this one seemed quite direct. The next day, a unit in Hornsby popped up online. It was close to work, at a price I could afford, and it ticked all the boxes. I didn’t hesitate to buy it within the week. I carried out some renovations and made it my home. I was so proud of this achievement and thought that would be it for now.

In 2023, with my start at Blue Wealth, the home I bought In Hornsby was no longer close to work and didn’t fit my lifestyle requirements. I decided to rent it out and move to the inner west. If you know Sydney, you’ll understand the culture shock of moving from Hornsby to Newtown, but I embraced it. I learned soon after that that I was now a Rentvestor. I used to believe that “rent money is dead money” is not true if you use this strategy to invest in another asset.

In my early weeks at Blue Wealth, I quickly learned invaluable lessons from my experienced colleagues. I absorbed insights on the advantages of buying new properties, tax benefits, and the potential opportunities beyond Sydney. My first Blue Wealth event was a turning point. I grasped the concept of financial leverage and how to efficiently use equity from my Hornsby property for further investments rather than just paying off a mortgage. I asked more questions, built confidence, and eventually met with a mortgage broker. The conversation showed how I could refinance and reinvest using equity. It highlighted the importance of having a skilled team in my tool belt, as the right support makes all the difference.

I’m now a 23-year-old with two investment properties.

Looking back on my journey, I feel incredibly grateful for my introduction to Blue Wealth. Not only did it show me that property investment was possible, but it also explained the benefits of investing and ensured I was buying the right property. What seemed unattainable just a few years ago is now an achievement.

I hope that by sharing my story, I have shown that investing in property is achievable – even for young people.

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