Bite-Sized Basics: The Australian Bureau of Statistics, a go-to source for facts and figures

Have you ever wondered where all the numbers and facts about Australia come from? Well, a big part of that job is done by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, or ABS for short.

A treasure trove of information:

Imagine you’re curious about how many people live in Australia, how many babies are born yearly, or how many people have jobs. The ABS is the place to go for these kinds of answers. Its main role is to collect, analyse and share all sorts of information about Australia and its people.

One of the ABS’s main tasks is to conduct something called a census. A census is like a big survey that happens every five years, where almost everyone in Australia is asked a bunch of questions about things like their age, where they live, what job they do, and even what languages they speak at home.

The information collected from the census helps the government plan things like schools, hospitals, and public transport based on the needs of our different communities.

Putting the pieces together:

But the team at the ABS doesn’t just stop at the census. It also gathers data from all around the country on a regular basis. This data comes from surveys and studies covering a wide range of topics, from the economy to the environment and education to health. This information helps us understand how we, as a country, are changing and growing.

Once the ABS collects all this data, it goes to work analysing it. It’s like solving a big puzzle. The ABS experts crunch the numbers to find patterns and trends. They then turn all that raw data into easy-to-understand reports, graphs, and charts that any of us can access. This helps people like our researchers at Blue Wealth Property, journalists, businesses, and regular folks like you learn more about Australia.

Imagine if someone accidentally counted a group of people twice in a survey – that could mess up the whole picture. It’s vitally important that the information it collects is accurate and reliable. To avoid any big mistakes, the ABS needs to use systems and processes to make sure the data is as accurate as possible so it can be trusted by everyone who uses it.

Independent, reliable information:

The ABS plays a crucial role in helping all parts of the government make decisions. Let’s say the federal or even local government wants to know how many people are unemployed or how many new businesses are opening. They can turn to the ABS for this information. This helps that part of the government create policies and plans based on actual facts and figures, ensuring they’re making the right choices.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics is like a big, friendly detective agency that collects, investigates, and shares information about Australia and its people. From population numbers to economic data, the ABS helps us understand how our country works and how it’s changing. So, next time you’re curious about Australia’s facts and figures, you know where to look – the ABS has got you covered.


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Owun is the Senior Education Specialist at the Blue Wealth Property Academy and hosts The Clever Investor podcast. He has worked in finance and property for well over 20 years and is known for being able to explain the complex world of wealth creation easily.

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