Grow your wealth through property

Want to build a substantial portfolio through property? Look no further. At Blue Wealth property, we provide unparalleled active property investor services. We use bespoke macro and micro research, meticulous customer research, long standing relationships with established property developers and the only independently-audited property valuation model in Australia to provide our customers with the best outcome for their financial future. Using this approach, we’ve helped over 7,000 ordinary Australians invest in property, over 40% of which have re-invested.

Why join Blue Wealth

One of our key competitive resources for active property investors is our property valuation model – which is certified by an independent body, meaning that you can have utmost confidence in the projected cash flow of your property investment. This model takes into account variables such as macro and microeconomic movements, various mortgage repayment options and property face values to show you the full range of return you can expect from our investment. Other key factors that set Blue Wealth apart from the rest:

Research Methodology

We carefully examine all external factors that contribute to a property’s appreciation with our property research services. We’ll forecast macroeconomic movements, such as interest rates and inflation, and microeconomic movements such as transport and infrastructure, and incorporate them into our valuation model to effectively predict your returns.

Relationships With Property Developers

In addition to our valuation model, we have established relationships with high calibre property developers that our competitors do not, meaning that we secure exclusive perks and resources for active property investors. These include rental guarantees, stamp duty exemptions, settlement rebates and more.

Approach To Client Services

At Blue Wealth, our customers are our family and we treat them as such. We provided curated, end-to-end active property investor services that ensure your achieve your financial objectives. Our friendly and professional consultants are there every step of the way, from pre- to post-purchase, and are always available for any additional support that you need.

We take our property selection seriously

At Blue Wealth, we practice what we preach. Our active property investor services are tried-and-tested by our staff themselves, as over 80% of Blue Wealth staff have invested in at least one Blue Wealth property. Over 60% have invested in more than one. Moreover, we only accept 10% of the properties that we examine – meaning that our clients invest in the best of the best.

Educational resources to witness our expertise first-hand

Not convinced Blue Wealth is the right company for you to expand your property portfolio? Attend one of our free educational events so that you can see our expertise and passion first-hand, and learn about our ample resources for experienced property investors. If you’re unable to attend an event, we also provide additional resources and blogs that document market updates and trends, and other information that you should be aware of as an active property investors.

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Frequently asked questions

How can your investments help me make informed investment decisions?

At Blue Wealth, we provide extensive resources for active property investors to ensure that you make a well-informed purchase decision. We understand that choosing an investment property involves understanding and forecasting all variables that influence a property’s value, which is why we take all of those variables into account in our exclusive valuation model. This model calculates a property’s return by considering macro and microeconomic movements, various mortgage repayment options, and the property’s face value. We will enter conservative and optimistic estimates into this model to show you the range of projected returns you can expect from your investment, so that you can make the best decision for your portfolio. On top of this, we provide exclusive active investor property services through our long standing relationships with established property developers. We are able to provide our clients with enviable perks that our competitors cannot – which include but are not limited to: rental vacancy guarantees, stamp duty exemptions, depreciation schedules, and settlement rebates

What kind of properties do you specialise in for investment?

Our relationships with developers and research and valuation methodologies dictate how we find properties. As such, the properties that we specialise in are in prime locations, in rural or metropolitan areas, inclusive of attractive features such as proximity to schools, public transport or CBD areas, and are developed by businesses that are long standing, experienced and reliable.

How much experience do you have helping property investors in Australia?

Established in 2009, Blue Wealth has been delivering successful property investments to its customers for over 15 years. We have helped over 7,000 clients buy a property, over 40% of which have bought more than one. Our property valuation model was developed by our founder and CEO, Dr Tony Hayek, and is the only property research methodology in Australia that is audited and approved by an independent body.

Do you have experience working with property investors with different levels of experience?

We provide resources and support for all experience levels at Blue Wealth. We work with first-time and repeat investors for any and all financial objectives – be it to retire early, grow your portfolio, rentvest or get your kids into the increasingly competitive property market.

How do you approach risk management for your clients?

At Blue Wealth, we only select the 10% of the properties we examine, to ensure that your investment is risk-free and accumulates your wealth. Our extensive macro and micro research, relationships with property developers and exclusive valuation model allow us to choose properties that deliver guaranteed safe returns.

Can you provide ongoing support and advice for my property portfolio?

Our approach to client services at Blue Wealth is unparalleled. We treat our customers like family, and are there from start to finish for our customers’ property investment journey. We provide ongoing investor support, from educational resources, obligation-free discovery calls and end-to-end management of your investment from pre- to post-purchase.

How do your fees work?

At Blue Wealth, we only charge a commission upon successful property investment. Our educational resources and discovery calls are offered free of charge, so that you can familiarise yourself with our brand and expertise and grow your wealth through property as seamlessly as possible.

Can you provide guidance on tax implications for my property investments?

At Blue Wealth, one of our core property research services is helping you leverage the debt from your mortgage to your advantage from a taxation point of view. Mortgage repayments and other property-related costs is “good debt” and, as such, is tax deductible – unlike returns from regular investments which incur a substantial capital gains tax. As such, property investment allows you to accumulate more wealth as property grows at a similar if not greater rate than most shares, whilst decreasing the amount of tax you pay annually.