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Many clients would have heard “you are now a Blue Wealth client” without knowing the impact of the statement. The truth is, being a Blue Wealth client has endless benefits, but none bigger than exclusivity. Imagine living across the road from the most amazing, upcoming project and you’re not able to purchase in it, or worse, you don’t even know it’s selling. That’s because, with all our approved projects, we are always the initial, exclusive agent, with the first choice and the best negotiated prices and inclusions.

Let’s look at The Darley, in Flemington. While we launched this project in September last year, the conversation started with Pace Developments in 2019. Design and pricing were the focus, with the pricelist being chopped and changed at least six times before Blue Wealth’s research team approved it. The reason I am telling you this is that through our strong relationship with the developer, we were able to get access to the property exclusively, even before their own retail sales team had access and before the $2,100,000 display suite even started construction. What this means, is that Blue Wealth clients had access to a project as unique as The Darley before a resident in a house across the road even knew the property was available to buy. There is no doubt that once the display suite is completed and our clients have purchased, prices will be increased.

Ivanhoe Gardens is another great example. In my opinion, there is no comparable property in the North-eastern corridor of Melbourne. Rich with amenities, in a prime location with uninterrupted views of the city from level 7, this project has great appeal, whether you’re an owner-occupier, investor, or tenant wanting to move in. The suburb Ivanhoe has a median house price of just under $1,800,000 and you can buy a beautiful 2-bedroom apartment facing the city starting from $700,000. Off the back of a successful campaign in Stage 1 of the development, which is settling at the moment, Blue Wealth had full exclusivity to Stage 2 for over 5 months, where our clients had the luxury of choice and purchasing before the current price increases.

All Blue Wealth approved projects are presented to our clients before any other company even gets a look. The prices on offer at the initial release are always the lowest, as developers leverage on the relationship with Blue Wealth to hit their benchmark of pre-sales to gain funding to start building. The result is the biggest benefit to our clients, who are accessing pricing that is guaranteed to be the lowest in the project.

Over the past few years, we have seen some amazing growth in a short period of time. Although we are super excited for our clients, we don’t want them to lose focus on why they embarked on their investment journey. Property investment, as many have heard me say, is simply a business and all your investment choices are a business decision. We must learn to put emotions aside when deciding on which property to purchase and look at the numbers to make sure it fits in with our own business model.

For those of you who have been actively building your property portfolio in recent years, you may have experienced positive valuation results, with some properties having grown up to 20% pre-settlement. Others have shown very strong rental yields, even during stage 4 lockdowns, with tenants viewing properties via WhatsApp walk-through videos. This is no fluke. Good properties always perform well, regardless of challenges in the market.

We are currently working on the launch of a project in Inner Melbourne. The value on offer for its location is unbelievable and Blue Wealth has it exclusively for 8 weeks. When considering the prices we have approved, I won’t be surprised if we sell out in a few weeks.

Once again, no one in the industry has access to this project, not even the Developer’s retail sales team, until our exclusive period is expired.

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