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Nerdy investment information in a fun, easy to understand way. Watch these popular short videos to learn more.

How to Find The Right Investment Property

Buying vs Renting

Buying Property Through Your Super

Thoughts & Inspiration

We are all looking for inspiration and we often turn to remarkable stories that have resonated with us throughout history. Below is a selection of our favourites. Be sure to check in regularly for our latest instalment.

Fear - The Story of Michael Jordan

Articulation - The Story of Mark Twain

Self-Belief - The Story of Muhammad Ali

Simplicity - The Story of Steve Jobs

Courage - The Story of Winston Churchill

Instinct - The Story of Elizabeth Kenny

Systems - The Story of Henry Ford

Luck - The Story of Richard Wiseman

Persistence - The Story of AC/DC

Teamwork - The Story of John Wooden

Goal Setting - The Story of the Blue Wealth CEO Dr Tony Hayek

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