Maximising Returns Through Project Selection

Quality developments with outstanding design can become local landmarks. Such projects can be leveraged to create stronger returns for investors. Read this week’s Insight to understand how this can help your investment strategy.

Property investment has evolved from the days when people just bought a holiday home down the coast. Both property buyers and sellers have grown in sophistication as Australia’s obsession with property has developed. With project supply increasing around the country, investors can now purchase in apartment blocks, townhouse estates, off the plan, house and land packages, dual occupancy dwellings, time shares and everything in-between.

Unfortunately, as this variety of investment opportunity has grown, so too has the volume of inferior properties. Too many are now investing their wealth in subpar projects. When choosing between all these new property opportunities, you should aim to buy into the most innovative and appealing projects, rather than just another run of the mill development.

Investors should be looking for a project that possesses a point of difference through such elements as design, architecture, location, situation etc. While there may be numerous projects within a market of similar quality, the project with the most appealing situation will inevitably be the most sought after. The “situation” of a property refers to it’s proximity to major elements of the suburb (shopping, transport, employment and entertainment).

Projects that present a significant point of difference, set themselves apart from other investments and can evolve to become local landmarks or even iconic buildings. The reputation of structure such as the Sirius (Sydney) or Q1 (Gold Coast) have created heightened demand from buyers and renters alike, as residents battle to become part of iconic developments. The result of which is strong capital growth and heightened resale values for owners.

An example of this can be seen through a recently approved project – Nero in Newstead. This development has performed strongly within the local market. A combination of appealing architecture, innovative residential amenity and quality interior design created a project that has become well known locally. The result of which has been strong resales, with selected buyers experiencing growth of 11%, within the first 24 months in an otherwise subdued market.

Selecting a strong project results from assessing a combination of factors. Our research model and selection process aids us in identifying superior properties for clients before they are available to the open market. We highlight projects from top tier developers in the most appealing locations, with the most cutting-edge attractive designs. It is our aim to provide Blue Wealth clients with the opportunity to invest in projects of this calibre.


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