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Why Blue Wealth Property?

Blue Wealth Property is Australia’s leading independent client-focused property research group.

Blue Wealth Property is independently owned and operated.

We use an independently audited research model. It is a top-down research methodology refined over many years to identify markets and suburbs that represent both value and long-term growth prospects.

Once the markets are identified, we then negotiate to get the best deals in the best opportunities available in those markets.

In 2018 we assessed 136 projects and opportunities and approved 9. A Rejection Rate of 93.4%.

What Blue Wealth Property offers you and your clients:

  • Independence
  • Researched property solutions
  • Regular client education events
  • Pre and post purchase client support
  • Marketing solutions
  • Training and business development
  • Video conferencing for interstate clients
  • Diversify your income and business
  • Payment guarantee

We have helped hundreds of Mortgage Brokers, Accountants, Financial Planners, in all Australian states to strengthen their relationship with their clients and grow their businesses.

Accreditation Benefits

Helping clients with researched property solutions
Diversify income and business offering
Client pre and post purchase support

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