Frugal Property Investment For the Risk Averse - 7 Expert Strategies

What does it mean to be Frugal? With frugality being the main theme of this eBook, property investment isn’t always for the wealthy or the big end of town, meaning anyone can invest. Being able to incorporate what you have learnt can help pursue a property portfolio strategy that suits you.

Negative Gearing in Australia - Separating Fact From Fiction

Negative gearing is a form of financial leverage. In order to get a better understanding of what and how to use negative gearing read this week’s eBook on Negative Gearing in Australia

A Property Investor's Guide To Townhouses

Townhouses have characterised Australian cities and suburbs since before federation. They served a very specific purpose when first constructed and continue to serve a purpose to urban Australians two centuries on.

First Home Buyers – 9 Expert Tips and Insights

Buying your first home isn’t easy. Typically, there are many uncertainties and reservations people have around the entire process. This is arguably the largest financial investment you’ve ever made, and the various moving parts make it difficult to know for sure that you’re making the right decision.

State of Play 2020

The 2020 State of Play provides a detailed insight into the Australian property market and specifically each capital city market. A future outlook and overview of the markets recent performance provide all the information needed to understand a forever changing property landscape.

State of Play 2021

The 2021 State of Play provides a detailed insight into the Australian property market and specifically each capital city market. A future outlook and overview of the markets recent performance provide all the information needed to understand a forever changing property landscape.

The Ultimate Guide to Property Investment for Beginners

Education is a vital aspect for a first-time investor and although property is Australia’s favourite asset class, it is often sorely misunderstood. From buying into the market, to tax depreciation and lending advice there is a lot of valuable information that has to be understood before starting your investment journey.

The Ultimate Guide to Rentvesting – The New Australian Dream

When Australians are asked what they want to achieve through property investment, the number one answer is financial freedom. Financial freedom often correlates with the ‘Great Australian Dream’ of owning your own home and being able to retire comfortably.

How To Pay Off Your Home Loan Years Earlier with an Investment Property

For most Australians their financial goal is to pay off their home loan. Most would consider this the definition of financial security. The general consensus is that saving is the primary and most effective way to achieve this.

Bursting the Myth of an Australian Housing Bubble

We're constantly reminded by the sensationalist media outlets of the risk of a bursting of the Australian housing bubble. In actual fact, Australia’s housing market is exceptionally resilient and the risk of this is highly unlikely.

2019 State of Play - Edition 2

The 2019 State of Play provides a detailed insight into the Australian property market and specifically each capital city market. A future outlook and overview of the markets recent performance provide all the information needed to understand a forever changing property landscape.

Property vs Shares- Top 7 Insights into an Age-Old Question

On the topic of wealth creation, the best way to achieve this is often debated. The two main asset types being shares or property. It’s become an age-old debate and if done well, both can be successful ways to building wealth.

The Property Investor’s Guide to Insurance

In a way, property investment itself is a form of insurance. Insurance is all about mitigating possible risks and the principle of portfolio diversification. So, you can say that property investment is a kind of lifestyle or retirement insurance.

Home Equity - The 6 Steps to Creating a Property Portfolio

Every day Australian’s are becoming increasingly savvy with their finances, with alternate avenues of creating wealth explored on a daily basis. Home equity, if managed efficiently, can be one of the most effective ways to leverage a strong portfolio.

Top 14 Melbourne Suburbs

Identifying the top suburbs within a city is no easy feat. It requires a strong understanding of the market and each suburb. Its particularly difficult in Melbourne which proposes a very segmented property market.

How to help your adult children into the property market

For the younger generations, the thought of having to purchase a home can be quite daunting.

Real Estate for High Net Worth Investors

As a high net worth investor it is important that you understand what you should be looking for when investing and how you can utilize your great financial position to maximise and implement a successful investment strategy.

Australian Residential Property: The 10 Investment Benefits

There are a number of benefits to property as an asset class, all of which contribute to it being one of the most commonly used assets for wealth creation.

The Investment Case for Blackburn, VIC, 7 Expert Insights

As Melbourne’s population continues to grow at a rapid rate, we have seen a sustained level of market demand for high quality residential property. Pockets of the city now show exceptional value and opportunity for investment when compared to the wider market. Unique micro markets, such as the eastern suburb of Blackburn, represent a prospect too strong to overlook. So why Blackburn? Why should you invest?

Top 11 Tips to Reduce Capital Gains Tax for Property Investors

One of the best ways to generate wealth is through property investment. The use of leverage and your ability to compound provides you with great potential to increase your asset base size and maximise your potential capital appreciation.

Property Investment for Migrants

Being a migrant/new arrival may impact the way you invest in property. Real estate can be an attractive investment as it is often more accessible and easier to navigate than alternative investments. However, navigating the market without expert knowledge can make it difficult, so surrounding yourself with professionals can make your journey a little easier.

The Investment Case for Footscray: 5 Insights

The Blue Wealth Research and Acquisition team has Melbourne as one of its major markets. The city continues to outperform the nation in many of the key property market drivers and for that reason presents itself as a strong long term investment opportunity for clients.

The 7 Problems With Property Hotspots

A term often used in the media is 'property hotspot', and it generally defines what someone considers to be a great place to buy. The problem is that a 'hotspot' for one person, does not always equate to a 'hotspot' for another.

A Property Investor's Guide to Renovating ...And How to Know it's Time

With knowledge becoming increasingly accessible to the average property owner, home renovations are an increasingly common practice. People renovate for many reasons including to increase value of their property and to maximise an assets appeal. So, is there merit in renovating your investment property? and if so, when is the right time to do it?

Property Investment for ADF Personnel

Being personnel of the Australian Defence Force may impact the way you invest in property. There are a number of savings mechanisms and investment avenues that may help you take your first step in the property ladder.

The Ultimate Guide to Property Investment for Australian Doctors & Medical Practitioners

Lending for medical practitioners can be vastly different when compared to the average investor. As such, navigating Australia’s dynamic lending environment can require a different skillset and insider knowledge. Read this E-Book to understand how to plan your future in property whilst sticking to your expertise as a medical practitioner.

The Investment Case for Mckinnon, VIC, 7 Expert Insights

When taking a segmented view of Melbourne’s housing market, specific pockets of the capital city represent an exceptional investment prospect. With access to one of the state’s premier schooling catchments and a sought after Bayside lifestyle, the south eastern suburb of McKinnon represents a bespoke opportunity within the wider market.

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