Jack Guthrie

The Education Premium

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February – it’s a time of rejoice for parents around the nation, as young Australian’s reluctantly return to school. Kids are settling back into their schooling life for 2019, whether it be private, public, selective or kindergarten. Considering this, we took the time in this week’s research article to assess how schools can impact property prices.

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Jack Guthrie

Your New Year’s Resolution: How it relates to property and finance

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The first seven days of January can be a testing time for all, as budding new year resolutions call for a period of optimism, self-discipline and perseverance. Australian’s all over the country are now vowing to achieve their 2019 goals by cutting down on those extra carbs and saving their money. The unfortunate truth uncovered by a previous study finds that 80% of these resolutions are broken by the time February rolls around.

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Dominic Cavagnino

2018 Year in Review

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That’s a wrap for 2018, this year has presented us all with many challenges. In true Blue Wealth style, we’ve looked to find ways for us to capitalize on the current environment. Let’s take a look at what we’ve achieved and where our focus has been this year.

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