John Bekiaris

Will regional areas keep growing?

John BekiarisLeave a comment

Regional properties have traditionally had lower levels of capital growth and higher rental yields compared to capital cities. However, a resurgence in interest in regional property markets and the excellent growth they’ve enjoyed in recent years has sparked a debate about whether changes in the way we work and live as a result of the pandemic are going to be permanent. When comparing regional and metro properties, regional looks a lot more affordable at first glance. But how do the two compare as investments?

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Gavin Chau

Thanos and the Malthusian dilemma

Gavin ChauLeave a comment

Within the Marvel movies franchise, Thanos has always been one of the most well fleshed-out characters. Ultimately, he is trying to solve an economic problem of scarcity – the exact same thing we should look at to determine what makes a sound investment. Thanos started as a one-dimensional villain and was slowly revealed to be someone driven by a divine purpose of trying to save the universe. This was illustrated in the most important scene in the movie where he was required to murder his beloved daughter for his cause.

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Helen Matsoukas

Welcome back, Melbourne!

Helen MatsoukasLeave a comment

It’s going to be hard to wipe the smile off my face at the moment. Finally, the city I love has come back to life. From Moomba last weekend, the return of footy crowds at the MCG and workers returning to their city offices (husband included 😊), life is pretty damn good for the city that is known as the world’s most locked down.

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